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CPPSLEE Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses CE & ISO Certified Safe Solar Viewing Eye Protection

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CPPSLEE Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses CE & ISO Certified Safe Solar Viewing Eye Protection


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  • ONCE IN A LIFETIME – CPPSLEE Solar Eclipse Glasses are authorized by Canada SEI Solar Eclipse International Company. Our Eclipse Glasses will allow you to safely view the total solar eclipse happening on Aug 21,2017 with absolute confidence. 

  • High Quality glasses - We use environmental printing, you can see the surface processing is perfect, the lens is very flat and not same with other seller, other supplier can not reach this high standard.

  • CPPSLEE CE & ISO CERTIFIED GLASSES - These glasses have been independently tested to meet CE Certified (PPE 89/686/EEC) and ISO 12312-2:2015 international standards for direct sun viewing safety. 

  • DON’T MISS THE EVENT - CPPSLEE Eclipse Glasses will give you a fully viewing experience of the first total solar eclipse in the USA in 38 years, which you will remember for the rest of your life.

  • JUST 2 DAYS SHIPPING - Please note orders will be shipped from Amazon United States Charlotte Warehouse. All the Orders will receive before AUG 21st ensuring customers to viewing the solar eclipse.

Please note the solar glasses can only be used on August 21st.We do not allow any return for orders as we can not sell them anymore. Thanks for understanding.


Don't Miss the Event on August 21, 2017

You MUST use safe, CERTIFIED eye protection to view the eclipse!

And these meet ALL the stringent requirements specified by ISO 12312-2:2015!

    Be Prepared For The Solar Eclipse on Aug 21,2017 in 38 Years. On Monday, August 21, 2017, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun. Anyone within the path of totality can see one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights - a total solar eclipse. 

    With CPPSLEE solar eclipse viewing glasses, make an once in a lifetime memory with friends and family. This allows you to watch the total solar eclipse with absolute confidence in your eye safety.

    These solar eclipse viewer are made of premium quality glasses and CE & ISO Certified for direct sun viewing with eye safety and protection. The eclipse glasses are manufactured with scratch resistant black polymer material which ensures you the best viewing experience. Don't miss the big event on Aug 21,2017. Shop now and start to share with your friends and familly.

    Please note CPPSLEE Solar Eclipse Glasses are authorized by Canada SEI Solar Eclipse International to sell. These glasses have been independently tested to meet CE Certified (PPE 89/686/EEC) and ISO 12312-2:2015 international standards which NASA mentioned for direct sun viewing safety. Our manufacturer: Solar Eclipse International / Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co  is also authorized by

Saftey tips for use of glasses


    1. Eclipse Glasses have special instructions for safe viewing of the eclipse printed directly inside the frame of the glasses. These instructions remind users that you must use approved eye-wear during all partial phases of the eclipse in order to protect your eyes.

    2. Kids using the glasses with adult supervision and do not watching for more than 3 consecutive minutes.

    3. When you find the lens is broken, or not fully covered, please throw it away.

    4. Keep the glasses in dry environment, and make sure you can view the solar on August, 21, 2017 safely.



     Do not look directly at the Sun with the naked eye !

     Do not use ordinary sunglasses no matter how dark the tint !

     Do not use Solar Eclipse Glasses that have been scratched or damaged !


Where & When Can You See It ?

If you are in the path of totality, then you will need eye protection such as these Eclipse Glasses for the partial phases of the eclipse.

If you are not in the path of totality, then you ALWAYS need to view the eclipse through them!




Customer Reviews 15 item(s)

All We Hoped They Would Be
Overall Rating
Despite our different sizes, they fit each of us comfortably! We can tell they'll serve the intended purpose during August's eclipse! Thanx! Review by BijouRoi
Great for the Upcoming Eclipse
Overall Rating
These eclipse glasses are great. Took them outside today and stared at the sun, once I found it in the sky cause these are dark, and they were perfect. Now I'm starting to get excited about the eclipse. Review by LKP
Eclipse watching fun!
Overall Rating
These are very well made. Going to go see the total eclipse and want a good experience. Review by Kathy Zang
Good eclipse glasses.
Overall Rating
Just as described. They block out the light completely and should be excellent for the eclipse.
Review by Paul
Great Choice
Overall Rating
Well constructed. Heavy filtration, which is needed for safety. Looking forward to August 21st. Review by SMONK
Five Stars
Overall Rating
Excellent glasses for viewing solar events. They are dark and block all but direct sunlight. Review by J. Weiss
Great eye protection
Overall Rating
Does the job and is comfortable. I'd never looked at the daytime sun directly, but can do so without fear using these glasses. Review by F. Kooyman
Can't wait for Aug 21, 2017!
Overall Rating
I think these are going to be great! They block out much more light than the two cardboard ones that come with it. They come with a lanyard to keep you from dropping them and a soft cver to help keep from scratching them. Review by Angela
Solar Eclipse Ready!
Overall Rating
I ordered two of these for the upcoming eclipse in August but we tested them out this weekend and we were fascinated. You can see the sun really clearly with the glasses, it is making us extremely excited for solar eclipse in August. I also purchased the the fold-able shades (not the wrap around) from the same vendor and prefer these shades to the other ones. With the other fold able shades there is a slight reflection in the lenses which these shades do not have. Cannot wait for the Solar Eclipse!! Review by A Amp
but these are going to be perfect. I expect to be able to use them ...
Overall Rating
I haven't shot the eclipse yet, obviously, but these are going to be perfect. I expect to be able to use them often, as I like putting the first light and last light of the day into my photos, and these glasses protect my eyes while I compose. Prior to purchasing these glasses, I would focus on whatever I wanted to silhouette with the sun out of the frame, then shift the camera to what I thought might be the best position without looking into the viewfinder, sometimes reshooting a dozen or more times until my compositional guess was close enough. I'm not staring at the sun even with the glasses on, but this does make it much easier to shoot silhouettes. Review by jrnylst
starsGreat so far
Overall Rating
They seem great so far. The cloth bag is nice to have. I have a slightly larger than average hat size for an adult male, and these glasses fit fine. I'm not sure how they'll be when trying to view the Summer 2017 eclipse in the U.S., but for the few minutes I used them after I got them, they were comfortable enough. When you have these on, you basically can't see anything at all - EXCEPT the sun, which looks like an orange circle when seen through these glasses. Review by Sage
Overall Rating
The eclipse glasses I received today look different than the photo, as the lenses are reflective, silver in color. I immediately put them on and went outside where I could see nothing, until I faced the sun. Honestly, I found the view thrilling. It's great being able to stare at the sun without a care. I saw the sun and a bit of the clouds around it. My wife has zero interest in any of this kind of stuff, but I had her walk outside, put the glasses on, and then face the sun. She had to admit that it was great. I've already received my money's worth from these glasses. The wrap-around style works very well. They're a tiny bit small on me, but really, I don't care. It doesn't matter. But for your benefit, I'll say that I'm an adult male with (I think) an average size head. The fit is certainly adequate. The quality of the build seems to be very good, solid. I expect these glasses to perform great when I travel to see the eclipse in August of this year (2017). If I don't update this review after the eclipse, you'll know they were fantastic, and I certainly believe they will be. But for now, they get five stars just because I get to look right at the sun and really see it . . . . without going blind! Review by Jeffroar
Will use to view the total eclipse
Overall Rating
These glasses are authentic. When you put them on they can't see anything, then when you put them on and look at the sun it is amazing! You can really look at the sun. These glasses are recommended for anyone who wants to view eclipses or just look at the sun! Review by mocashe
Great for sun & eclipse-viewing
Overall Rating
I have ordered Weldcote Metals Shade 14 Filter Lens, the Rainbow Symphony Plastic Eclipse Glasses (which also came with 2 free cardboard shades) and the Green Shade 14 Solar Eclipse Glasses (aka welding glasses) so now I can compare them all.
All are fine for solar viewing (eclipse or not); if you go with welding glasses/filter, NASA recommends ~13 or ~14 shade (between the two, I'd go with the 14).
The Rainbow plastic glasses have plastic lenses, though a bit thicker than the film in the cardboard googles; the sun is seen the same through them, in an dark orange color.
The Phillips have glass lenses and have the best protection against light leaks (around or under lens). Cardboard googles are the worst.
Through the Weldcote filter and Phillips welding glases you'll see the sun green, and a bit more bright than through the Rainbow Eclipse Glasses and cardboards.
Kids like more the green glasses/filter :-) Review by Alin Constantin
Well worth it
Overall Rating
They work great! You can look directly at the sun with no squinting or eye strain. They are so dark that you cannot see anything at all, except the perfectly round disc of the sun. Well worth buying these over the cardboard ones, because they provide coverage around your eyes, to block most of the light coming from the side and above/below, to give a better, undistracted view of the sun. Review by RoadWearier

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